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* 8/14/2000 8:33:53 AM – Posted by Nick Finck:
To add to my little rant on e-commerce… I am in the market for a new truck… something to replace my old Ford Explorer. Toyota’s corporate site had some useful information… but things only got worse from there. I searched for a dealer and found the two near my location. I decided to check out Beaverton Toyota. It looked promising… then I discovered that most of the site had no useful information other than an inventory of their used cars… that’s more than we can say for Royal Moore Toyota which had no inventory at all. Digging deeper into Beaverton’s site I noticed that 1/2 of the site wasn’t even completed… navigational bars linked into pages of gibberish text (obviously for placement, but yet unfinished). Keep in mind that this is a site linked in from the Toyota corporate site. Some companies just do not belong on the web.
* 8/14/2000 8:12:08 AM – Posted by Nick Finck:
Value America closes shop… goodbye and good reddens… don’t let the door smack you in the back on the way out. With that said, I ask you, when will the web grow up and get a clue? Talk about media over-hype… “Yes you can have your own e-commerce website, you customers will be able to buy with a simple point and click!” Give me a brake. You and I know there is a lot more that goes into a website than just putting it online regardless of how will the interface is designed or how easy the shopping cart is. May Value America and Boo rest in peace and shine as an example of how not to embrace the web.
* 8/11/2000 9:15:43 AM – Posted by Nick Finck:
It’s Friday once again and a new issue of A List Apart is hot off the press. This week’s article is titled, “Dr. Strangeglobe. Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the W3C.” which is beautifully written by Erika Meyer.
* 8/11/2000 8:02:26 AM – Posted by Nick Finck:
And let the battle begin… It turns out that Adobe is filing a lawsuit against Macromedia for a patent infringement over the “tabbed palette” patent that Adobe owns. Macromedia, of course, denies the claims.
* 8/11/2000 12:43:56 AM – Posted by Alper Balkanli:
nice & funky flash work: limmy.com
* 8/10/2000 9:18:18 PM – Posted by Nick Finck:
How much talent does it take to ripoff someone’s creative work? How much money can you make by stealing someone’s beautiful design? How much blood shall we spill people? How much pain do we have to see before people start realizing it’s about being unique and creative in your own way. Marc proposes a Black Board and I stand behind him.
* 8/9/2000 9:49:04 PM – Posted by herman l:
Mike Cina (formely of TPC) has his portfolio up at http://www.mikecina.com.
* 8/9/2000 7:13:19 PM – Posted by Nick Finck:
This may be the first time I have ever heard of a contest to “dress” someone… especially when you are talking just a few pixels here and there… check out Neopod’s Pixel Fashion Comp.
* 8/9/2000 7:07:03 PM – Posted by Nick Finck:
Adrian shares a fresh and new look over at Purus Design. Check it out.
* 8/9/2000 11:45:05 AM – Posted by Nick Finck:
Zeldman writes very kind words about Digital Web Magazine and my involvement with A List Apart in the PDN’s PIX column “Second Site.” I don’t think I have ever been called “prodigious” before.
* 8/8/2000 7:48:59 PM – Posted by Andrew Johnstone:
New profile up at design is kinky.
* 8/8/2000 8:55:14 AM – Posted by Nick Finck:
Adobe announces the availability of six new OpenType font families. The three new families are Garamond Pro, Tekton Pro and Myriad Pro.
* 8/7/2000 12:33:20 AM – Posted by noah maas:
Noah here with a new portfolio (yes, again). I’m on my way to New York at the end of this month. Like the site? Give me a job.
* 8/4/2000 7:45:56 PM – Posted by Nick Finck:
David Eisenberg finishes the third part of the DOM Design Tricks tutorials now available at A List Apart for your reading pleasure.
* 8/3/2000 6:56:33 PM – Posted by Nick Finck:
Gabe tells us that there is great new work from Jimmy Chen (Typographic), Nicola Stumpo (ABC), Oleg “cmart” Paschenko (conclave obscvrvm), Yohan Gingras (Evil Pupil), Ross Mawdsley (IKDA), Sam Ward (Second Story) and Brian Taylor in the new issue of Born Magazine. Perhaps the web’s most creative zine.
* 8/3/2000 8:28:59 AM – Posted by Nick Finck:
Special thanks to Kaliber10000 for bring to our attention the sweet workings of Ventilator Magazine… another good mag. Do you run a mag or zine? Let me know!
* 8/2/2000 10:47:15 PM – Posted by Nick Finck:
Issue #83 is up over at Kaliber10000… what makes this one so special? Well, for starters, it comes from the creative mind of Liam Wolf who did NeoPod… very killer pixel-perfect style… nice.
* 8/2/2000 9:59:54 PM – Posted by Nick Finck:
A new issue of *Spark-Online it out and in full greyscale. It’s all about sex, lies and mp3’s… hats off to Kris Krug for making this happen, thanks to all the Spark crew for making a zine that shines and sparkles like none other.
* 8/1/2000 9:52:20 PM – Posted by Justin Fox:
The Australian INfront profiles the legendary Fischer West. One of the few (and the only Australian) people recognised by Adobe as a master of digital imaging. Find his profile in the INdividuals section.
* 8/1/2000 9:09:01 PM – Posted by Nick Finck:
Trying to match a font? Can’t quite get the right match? How about using a font identification tool? I just stumbled across this cool font site called MyFonts.com, check it out!